Tutor Secondary School Maths and Sciences

      • 2021 HSC Graduate : 97.90 ATAR
      • 2021 STEM Award Recipient
      • HSC Band 6’s in Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics Extension 1
      • Year 12 School Prefect
      • School Representative at State-Level Swimming, Athletics & Cross Country
Taine has been tutoring students for the past 2 years whilst studying and excelling in Year 11 and Year 12, achieving outstanding results.

Taine is a very passionate tutor who loves helping other students work towards their academic goals. He has a genuine love for Maths and the Sciences and understands that while these can be quite difficult, he believes they are also the most rewarding subjects when progress is made.

Taine has also worked as a Tennis Coach for 2.5 years, is currently a volunteer Surf Lifeguard for Freshwater SLSC and works at Quays Marina Church Point.

Taine is an effective leader with excellent communication and comprehension skill – eager to help students learn. He is competent and has excellent communication and comprehension skills – the perfect combination to tutor his passion subjects: Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics.

Hands Up Tuition Tutor Taine Greenwood