Who is this for?

Have you ever thought: ‘My child is bright. Why is he/she having so much difficulty at school?’

Many children are not achieving in the classroom as they should be.

15 – 20% of students in every classroom are not achieving as well as they should. Some have been assessed as having, LD, ADD, ADHD or Dyslexia. Others have not been assessed but everyone knows “they should be doing better”. They seem to be neurologically immature in some areas of their early development. The conduction of messages to, from, and in the brain can be inefficient. As a result, many of these students are not ready for school when they start. These missing developmental gaps, usually addressed through normal play, can be filled in later, even in adulthood.

How does the program work?

Move to Learn accreditation Sandy Egan

The Move to Learn program is a series of fun daily movement sequences that have been designed to fill in developmental gaps by triggering the nervous system to work more efficiently.  The exercises take up to 10 minutes and are done before other learning programs.



Sandy Egan is an accredited professional for Move to Learn and is passionate about seeing all her students learn to they’re fullest potential.

For a comprehensive understanding of the science, research and processes that facilitate the optimal space for learning, please visit the Move to Learn website.   


It gives me great pleasure to recommend Sandy as a teacher and as someone who has a loving gentle heart for children. Sandy is a capable, experienced and effective remedial teacher, she not only has a number of years experience in helping children learn to read, spell and write but she also knows how to prepare children to learn academically. Sandy shares my approach to children with LD, of looking at the ‘whole child’. They are intelligent children but are invariably immature in one or more areas of their neurological development. The Move to Learn program helps them to become ready to learn and then able to benefit from traditional remedial work. I would not hesitate to recommend her.

Barbara Pheloung – Author/Teacher (Founder of The Move to Learn Program)