Specialising in Gifted and Talented Education, Kerrie Parry MEd. is passionate about working with diverse learners – gifted and talented and twice-exceptional, ages 5+, enriching their educational experience and social and personal skills.  Learn about Kerrie here.

The following programs are available

    • Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday 
    • Each program is 2 x 2 hours sessions, and runs 2 hours each on consecutive weeks, 9-11am
    • Meeting at the Warriewood office
    • Group sizes 5-16 children
    • Cost is $90 per child per week

Please note that times can be flexible for groups, and additional programs can be organised. 
Perfect for home school communities and traditional school students. 

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Gifted and Talented students thrive in a completely different learning environment and under various learning styles. As children are given the opportunity to network with those similar to them in a collaborative environment, it ensures that their social skills are met at the same time as their educational needs.

Your questions can be answered in the following videos, or you are welcome to call on 0432 858 962 or enquire through the form at the bottom of the page. 

Are you wondering if your child is gifted and talented? 

What is involved in a Gifted & Talented Assessment:

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