Hands up Tuition Founder Director and Teacher Sandy Egan is very selective about who qualifies to join her Team. Sandy is passionate about helping children become successful learners and specializes in helping children acquire the skills they need to help them to become ready to learn. She believes in the importance of looking at the whole child.

To that end, all her Tutors must share the same passion and desire, be excellent communicators and be skilled in the subject matters they are teaching.

How do we choose Tutors?

Firstly they need to truly love children and be passionate about teaching and helping children.

Patience, understanding, and empathy is really important, as is the ability to communicate and build rapport.

They must be sensitive to how students are responding to the content in each of the lessons they are teaching and be able to quickly change their method of delivery if necessary.

An understanding of methods of teaching children with different learning styles is very important so that lessons can be tailored accordingly. For example,

  • Visual learners retain information more effectively when visual aids are used such as pictures, images, film clips, colours, and diagrams.
  • Aural learners respond to sound, music, recordings, rhymes, etc.
  • Verbal learners favour using words and linguistic skills in speech and in writing, such as reading, writing, listening, or speaking.
  • Social learners process information by interacting with and relating to others.
  • Logical learners favour using logic and reasoning. They like to classify and categorize information and solve problems with numbers.
  • Physical and tactile learners process information effectively when they use their bodies and when they are actually doing something.
  • Solitary learners like to learn and work by themselves and
  • Naturalist learners process information by working with and experiencing nature, they learn by finding patterns in nature and using scientific logic for understanding.

Every student is unique and our Tutors must be gifted with the ability to not only recognise this but take the necessary actions required to effectively teach these precious and unique individuals in their care.

We really want our students to enjoy learning and feel the satisfaction that comes from having overcome something that was a struggle, to experience success!

We look forward to welcoming your child into Hands Up Tuition – we know they will love and thrive here!

Hands Up Tuition Sandy Egan