Mr Sunol worked wonders with my son, who used to dread maths and had absolutely no confidence at all. Mr Sunol’s support and teaching style have completely turned things around, and now Maths is his favourite class. I couldn’t recommend anyone else as a first choice for a maths tutor.

Sahara and James – Year 10

My daughter has been doing tutoring with Luke since half way through year 9. Luke helped her get into Extension Maths in year 11, and now she is one of the top students in her class. We appreciate Luke’s patience, dedication, and willingness to go beyond the expectations of a regular tutoring centre.

Amanda – Year 12 Extension 1

Sandy and her team, at Hands Up for One to One Tuition, have played a significant role in nurturing Emmanuel’s school journey. The lessons began when he was in primary school, where he needed assistance in the areas of reading, writing and comprehension. The relationship continued right through to Year 12. Over the years, Sandy worked with Emmanuel and his schools in tailoring the lessons, in order to meet the various learning milestones. She provided regular updates to us parents and made recommendations where needed. She was patient with Emmanuel and knew what type of help he needed at the various stages of school life. She ensured that Emmanuel received the most qualified teacher to assist him. This was particularly so, in his high school years, where Tess and Emily worked with him in preparation for the English syllabus for the Higher School Certification. Despite the disruption to the school life which the pandemic presented, through zoom sessions, Emmanuel diligently continued his lessons with Emily. Come HSC time, Emmanuel’s confidence grew and he felt well prepared for the English exams. All the hard work paid off. His results for the HSC, exceeded all our expectations.

We are so grateful to Sandy for developing his confidence and instil belief in his abilities. I strongly recommend Sandy and her team, at Hands Up for One to One Tuition.

Pearly, Northern Beaches.

My daughter has been tutored by Sandy and her dedicated team for 3 years now and it has helped her enormously. When she started at age 12 she had a reading age of 9. She has just completed Yr 9 Naplan with a band 9 in Maths and Reading and a band 10 in Grammar. Thank you, Sandy, Tess and Lynette.

Lorna Boardman, Belrose. 

Sandy is an engaging teacher with a passion for education and a love of watching little minds connect the dots. I would highly recommend her to all.

Rachel Bramblett Zanetic, Mona Vale.

Sandy has been tutoring my 8 year old son, Kyle, for nearly 12 months in literacy, firstly through a school reading program and then privately since June 2009. Sandy and I work together doing the Multilit Program, Kyle sees Sandy once a week and I follow up with work at home which is provided to me from Sandy. Kyle, who repeated Year 1, is now in Year 2 and has come ahead in leaps and bounds with his reading and comprehension through the dedication and tutoring from Sandy and in turn her assisting me in additional work at home. Kyle is much more confident and happy with his reading skills and coping much better in the classroom situation as well at school. Sandy has a very caring and calm nature which immediately puts children at ease which I witnessed when volunteering to do the reading program with Sandy last year at my son’s school. I would recommend her to any parent that is seeking somebody to nurture their child through any learning disabilities that they may have.

Dail Neville, Collaroy Plateau

Sandy, I can’t thank you enough for the work you’ve done with Felix. His Naplan results were way beyond our expectations and he is so much more confident with his school work now. Your kindness and patience helped to make his after school tuition much more bearable for him.

Nicki.Robillard, Newport

Sandy is a gentle, enthusiastic and patient teacher. She makes each lesson different and fun, incorporating games, music and three-dimensional puzzles. She made the initial effort to get to know my child and play to her strengths. My daughter went from no knowledge of the alphabet at the age of three to now at four and a half, writing words, letter recognition (both written and spoken) and most importantly a love of writing and books.

Katerina Cosgrove,Avalon

We asked Sandy to assist our daughter, Ally,8 years old, with the challenges she had with reading. Having lived overseas, she had become fluent in French at the expense of English skills and lacked confidence. She struggled with her self esteem. Sandy brought fun diligence to her reading and she improved in confidence and ability in a safe environment in a number of school terms.

Anthony & Florence Flemming, Avalon

Sandy has worked with my daughter Emma (aged 8) for the last 12 months to assist her with literacy including reading, spelling and comprehension. Sandy offers a tailored approach which includes aspects of Multlit, Move to Learn and a variety of other interactive and engaging learning activities. Sandy’s nurturing style, combined with her genuine desire to improve child literacy has resulted in improving Emma’s confidence, skills and enjoyment of reading.

Vanessa Powell, Elanora

I have been so impressed with how Sandy has helped my son. I was frustrated with other professionals not really knowing why he was struggling at school. Sandy helped me discover what help he needed with her experience and her holistic approach. One term later his spelling and reading, along with his confidence, has improved amazingly! The crucial factor was that she looked at him holistically and discovered what was the cause of his difficulties, and prepared an action plan. Who would have thought he would enjoy going to literacy classes! Thank you so much Sandy.

Bindi Hooghuis, Clairville

Sandy is a wonderful encouraging tutor. My girls go to her regularly and enjoy her tutoring. She is able to also see where the child’s weaknesses are without being critical but is able to encourage the child up to standard, and also challenge them to greater heights. I would highly recommend her.

Bella Blaiklock, Dee Why