Who, What, When, Where

  • for children in Years 4-8
  • Just bring a laptop
  • Every Tuesday 4pm – 5.30pm, for Term 1 – 10 weeks
  • Hands Up Tuition HQ, Warriewood

The program outline

Welcome to a coding adventure like no other! Our 10-week Coding Classes, led by passionate teachers who genuinely love coding, are designed to spark innovation and creativity in your child.

In this program, kids don’t just learn to code; they embark on a thrilling journey to design, build, and customize their very own video games! Imagine the excitement as they bring their imaginative ideas to life, mastering the language of technology.

But the adventure doesn’t end there! At the culmination of this dynamic course, your child will proudly download their creations from the app store—a tangible testament to their newfound coding prowess.

The details

  • Week 1: creating our characters
  • Week 2: creating our level
  • Week 3: moving around our level
  • Week 4: adding platforms and obstacles
  • Week 5: adding animations
  • Week 6: adding sound effects
  • Week 7: adding our own customisations
  • Week 8: creating a start screen and game over screen
  • Week 9: creating our leaderboard
  • Week 10: packaging our game into an app


Hands Up Tuition Creative Kids Voucher provider

This program qualifies for the Creative Kids Voucher subsidy – helping your child find their passion and learn new skills.

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