We understand that every child through to young adult learns differently and therefore we have a wide range of teaching styles we use to tailor the teaching sessions accordingly.

In some sessions we may use games to help teach maths, reading, spelling or comprehension. Playing while learning helps create new neuro-pathways for comprehension and facilitate effective understanding and problem solving. 

If you wish to have the same games at home, we have listed them below for you to purchase from our supplier. Many of them are also fabulous family and party games. 


Reading Comprehension & Expression Games – the Toss-n-Talk Series

Comprehension & Team Play Games

Just Good Old Plain Fun!

You may hear some new stories from your children about the new interactive games they are playing while with us – rest assured, they are learning faster while having fun!

Hands Up Tuition Sandy Egan

Please note, the above products may not always be in stock. For every purchase off our supplier’s website, we do receive a small commission.