Primary & High School Maths & Science Tutor

  • Bachelor of Science

  • Bachelor in Teaching – Major in Mathematics and Minor in Chemistry

Dive into the world of numbers and scientific wonders with Luke Sunol, a seasoned educator with a passion for cultivating young minds. Armed with a Bachelor of Science and a Bachelor in Teaching, Luke specializes in Mathematics (Extension 1 and 2) and Science, with a minor in Chemistry.

With an impressive 9-year tenure as a high school teacher, Luke’s commitment to academic excellence shines through. Currently imparting knowledge at a local high school, he has previously made an impact at prestigious institutions such as Manly Selective and The Pittwater House Schools.

Luke’s classes are not just about textbooks and formulas; they are an exciting exploration of STEM, coding, and hands-on science experiments. His genuine passion for these subjects not only makes learning engaging but sparks a curiosity that lasts a lifetime.

Luke Sunol_Hands Up Tuition


A true local, Luke is deeply rooted in the Pittwater community. As a father of three daughters attending nearby schools, he goes beyond the classroom, having coached their soccer team with the Pittwater Soccer Club. Luke’s personal connection to the area fosters a sense of trust and community, making him not just an educator but a familiar face in our small town.

Your child will flourish under Luke’s tutorage as they go deep into the fascinating realms of mathematics and science!