Through reverse engineering we will find out what shapes engineers use to create strong, lasting structures. This unit covers outcomes in Math (shape), STEM, History and Geography. 
Take a look at scientific theories about germs throughout history. Explore the history of sanitation and hygiene throughout the ages.
This unit covers History, Science, Time and Reading outcomes.
Backstories give characters depth and impact the way we write about them. This unit looks into the back stories of marvel characters, super powered word choices, creating mash-up characters with a back story, and then delves into writing sentences/paragraphs about characters created.
This geography unit takes a deep dive into volcanoes. We follow the story of the ‘I Lava You’ volcanoes and through research piece the puzzle together of how and why these cute singing volcanoes rise out of the sea to be with each other. Cross sections, fault lines, our molten core, the ring of fire all climax when we explode our own volcano!
This versatile unit can be adapted for most age groups. Castles are fascinating, they were built in certain ways deliberately. Students will look carefully at castles and deduce why they are built as they are. They will design an impenetrable castle of their own. Next, we will take a look at siege machines that were designed to attack castles in warfare. Students will delve into scientific drawing and then design their own machine. Machines will be built and used to attack the castle!
This unit covers outcomes in geography, history, STEAM and literacy.
This unit looks at the biology rockstar Carl Linnaeus and his contribution to the way humans see our natural world. Students will learn about and use binomial nomenclature, hierarchies, classification keys. Students will get creative as they invent their own animal and classify it according to Linnaeus’s system.
This unit covers biology, art and history outcomes.
A quick look at ethical thinking, some practise with ethical conundrums and a deep dive into some fascinating true case studies. Does big business have our best interest at heart?
This unit covers ethical, critical and creative thinking.
SCAMPER is a lateral thinking technique which challenges our thinking and helps us explore new and exciting possibilities. Students will be introduced to the technique and given design problems to solve.
This unit covers design and technology outcomes.
Big companies are looking for creative thinkers, sometimes creativity trumps grades when companies like Google recruit. Nurturing creativity in primary aged students is such a valuable thing to do. Come solve a variety of wacky problems and learn your own creative style.

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