Sound Health

Creating Sound Health

The Sound Health Series is the result of three decades of clinical research into the science of psychoacoustics – the study of the effect of music and sound on the central nervous system.
This innovative musical program is designed to improve the function of the ear and brain naturally while providing a pleasant listening experience.
The Sound Health Series are  $29.50 each.
The Sound Health Series was founded on the principle that music is an effective tool for enhancing health and wellbeing.
We all know that music can indeed alter the central nervous system and enhance learning as well as creating various other acoustic environments.
Advanced Brain Technologies (ABT) has put extensive research into the effects of using music in the classroom and its potential benefits to not only the students but teachers as well.
As a result ABT developed what is called The Sound Health Series (SHS), which is comprised of 8 CDs as listed below.


Music for Concentration to support clear focus and intensive thinking.
This CD is ideal for increased focus; intellectual endurance; business writing; problem-solving; computer work; research.


Music for Learning
This CD is ideal for studying, memorising; strategising, writing, office work; task mastery.
Music for Inspiration – is like a breath of fresh air, that awakens, enlivens and energizes.This CD is ideal for artistic expression; creative writing , pathfinding , mood enhancement ,meditation , improving performance.
Max focus

Maximum Focus  – This CD is ideal to discover the secret to total concentration with this unique selection of Baroque masterpieces recorded with Advanced High Definition technology facilitates the ideal accelerated learning environment known as Mind Alert/ Body Relaxed.


de stress
Music to De-Stress calming soundscape for deep stress reduction.
This CD is ideal for stress reduction; decreasing anxiety;physical relaxation; encouraging deep thought; inducing sleep; therapeutic massage.
Music for Motivation– gives the mind room to reflect and reorganise.
This CD is ideal for peak performance; task completion;organising; morale boosting; inspiring action; increasing energy.


Music to Relax provides soothing rest and relaxation.This CD is ideal for physical relaxation, rest and rejuvenation, achieving serenity and balance, encouraging calm thinking; reducing hyperactivity; therapeutic massage.

Music for Productivity is energetic and vital.This CD is ideal for enhanced performance; mood elevation; organising; increased alertness; household tasks;office work.